Reimagine How You Use Technology

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Reimagine How You Use Technology

That is the challenge given in today’s State of Technology by Vice President of Technology Innovation and Communications Cary Sylvester and Executive Director of Media Service JP Lewis.

The world is becoming increasingly connected, business to business, people to people and now device to device. This connected technology even extends to our homes: virtual home assistants, smart thermostats, smart alarms  and smart locks.

Because of this growth in technology, the fight for consumers has shifted. No longer is the battleground for browsing online, the search portals have already changed that experience. The new battleground, according to Sylvester, is when your client becomes a homeowner.

With homeownership, comes the constant need to maintain, upgrade and fix. This is where, Lewis says, the next group of innovators will enter the real estate space. And it is where agents have the opportunity to extend the services they already provide throughout the home buying and home selling experience – the opportunity to create that lasting relationship with their clients. But how?

According to Lewis and Sylvester: the key is technology. It is through technology that agents can create the individualized, visually-immersive experience that the new consumer expects. Three dimensional models, video live-streaming  and a plethora of mobile tools allow agents to create visually engaging content at the touch of their fingers.

And it is through all of these tools that agents can share their unique brand and their value to stay top of mind—both during and after the transaction. For KW associates, as it was announced earlier this week, one way is through a new partnership with HomeKeepr.

Linked from your KW mobile app, Keller Williams’ partnership with HomeKeepr keeps your brand in front of your clients throughout their homeownership experience.

All of this technology validates the role of the real estate agent in the real estate transaction and beyond. In fact, Sylvester says: “Your role has only become more critical, more important – even more valuable.” What you do remains the same—technology just changes how you do it. So re-imagine how you do what you do.



Posted on August 19, 2015Keller Williams Realty International