Three Common Opportunities With Internet Leads

Are You Taking Advantage Of The Three Common Opportunities with  the Internet?

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The eBook 3L Blueprints: Leads, Listings and Leverage , published by Keller INK, offers a collection of snapshots on the topics that matter to the agents of our industry. One of the most important topics is lead generation. Without leads, you have no business. There are hundreds of leads waiting for you online. Here is a peek inside the book and a look at three common opportunities with internet leads.

Opportunity 1: Management of leads.
The use of an ISA is helpful for filtering and nurturing leads. Staffing this role means having someone solely dedicated to long-term follow-up and spending the time necessary to bring a lead to an appointment, which increases conversion rates.  However, it is important to note that the use of this  position also increases an agent’s lead generation expenses, and it may take considerable time to break even when adding this role to the team.

Opportunity 2: Building grassroots platforms to boost SEO.
Building a specialty or niche Internet platform, and filling it with unique evergreen content that buyers and sellers find both useful and purposeful, will drive traffic to the website and boost SEO in the long run.

Opportunity 3: Creating a collection of  online reviews.
Deciding to work with an agent is similar to that of a consumer making any product purchase, where what other people have to say about their experiences can make or break the decision. By focusing on building online consumer reviews and providing past clients with a platform to provide reviews, agents can influence the decision of other consumers on what agent to work with.

Ready to generate more leads, listings and leverage online? Learn from Gary Keller and Tony DiCello who hosted a Mega Camp 2015 panel discussion with top-producing associates Ben Kinney,Ryan Tollefson, Dan Wisdom and Heather Upton. They share the unique ways that they used the Internet to generate leads, win listings and create leverage for their business.