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Spent over 20 years as a healthcare executive in Fortune 500, midsize and startup companies. With a stellar track record in customers service, marketing and strategy, she decided to gradually engage into the real estate business as an investor and it has proven to be a fun and worthwhile choice for her. Over time, families and friends would consult with her for her real estate expertise and eventually she became a Real Estate Agent.

Her greatest strengths match those most essential to fulfilling her client needs; expertise in aligning fabulous/perfect homes with clients needs, thought leadership expertise in developing profitable partnerships with seller clients (transactions should always have an upside for the client), solid reputation in creating effective game-plans for clients as buyers, sellers, investors and renters because she has walked into their shoes as a buyer, seller, investor and renter. As an effective communicator, negotiator and decision maker who sets goals, Nelia is humbly excited to help her clients with their real estate needs every step of the way. Real estate deals are emotional to some clients and transactional to others, and her goal is to always make the process simple, fun and precise.

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