Optimize, Manage, and Run Your Business With Unprecedented Simplicity and Insight

Command is a suite of interconnected tools that help you connect with your clients in a targeted and meaningful way, supporting you from lead to close to lifetime client connections. Built hand-in-hand with agents, it’s designed to be used by agents like you, putting you in control of your database, your business, and your future.

The new agent experience unites agents with technology to make the perfect team.


Command Your Database

Do what you do best and automate the rest.

Easily group and organize your contacts for timely, automated follow-up and lead generation, then use SmartPlans to design specific (automatic) communication plans for contacts. Hard at work, even when you’re not, SmartPlans lets you save your energy for what’s most important.


Command Your Transactions

Manage your entire book of business with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop dashboard.

Where simplification meets organization. Opportunities allows you to view your appointments, listings, deals, and projected revenue in one place. From streamlined document management to compliance review and more, see the road ahead and keep tabs on your cash flow.


Command Your Consumer Experience

Keep your client data where it belongs – with you.

As insights are generated by client search activity and logged within each contact record, build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your leads, contacts, and entire SOI.


Command Your Marketing

Deliver leads directly to your pipeline with an effective, multi-channel marketing strategy.

Peruse a library of over 1,400 ready-made templates to point, click and customize beautiful, branded assets. Using real-time market data, launch dynamic campaigns featuring your Designs, then optimize with reporting and analytics.


Command Your Day

Understand what you have to do at a glance, all while keeping tabs on how each activity drives your big-picture goals.

Set specific goals around listings, commissions, and profit. Then, turn your to-do list into action items by creating contact-specific tasks that are visible across Command.


Command Your Network

Grow and manage your referral business with simplicity and transparency.

Tap into one of the largest, most-profitable real estate networks on the planet. Find trusted partners, negotiate, and arrange specifics while keeping your finger on the pulse of every deal.

KW’s worldwide presence spans three dozen regions outside the US and Canada with more on the way.

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Keller Williams operates on the premise that if the company focuses all its resources on building its agents’ businesses, the agents in turn will build the company beyond all expectations. With that philosophy, we are reshaping the global industry landscape.

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