Three Proven Lead Generation Strategies in Action

Three Proven Lead Generation Strategies in Action

On the path of a ‘Millionaire Real Estate Agent’, it goes without saying that you need leads in order to feed your business. And, there are two overarching ways that you can gather leads; you can prospect or you can market for them.

Like Gary Keller said during the Prospecting, Radio, and Branding panel at Thursday’s Mega Agent Camp, if you are a lead generator, you probably look a lot like Keven Stirdivant. And Stirdivant has built his business around prospecting. He employs what he calls the “Five Daily Expectations” in order to keep his team prospecting in a fool-proof way.

The Five Daily Expectations:

  1. Be at the office by 8:00 am, five days a week (or risk buying the team breakfast)
  2. Make 20 new contacts by phone
  3. Follow up with 10 leads
  4. Knock on 50 doors
  5. Make two seller lead visits

Each of these standards ensures that his team is doing what is necessary to make the contacts they need. They also help to build both his communication and sales skills—as well as those of his team members.

And as Keller reminded us, sharpened communication skills are a necessity for any agent who desires success, as real estate is a communication-focused industry.

When it comes to lead generation, Josh Anderson employs a different—yet highly successful—strategy than Stirdivant. For Anderson, the emphasis is on marketing and the focus is on radio. Anderson uses 60-second ads read by the host on a combination of talk and Christian radio.

As his goal is to have a potential client pick up the phone and ask him to sell their house, Anderson’s radio presence provides a call to action that results in immediate leads. And, his return on investment shows that this strategy is paying off. For every dollar spent, Anderson gets five in return.

Vija Williams’ lead generation strategy is equally different, yet successful than both Stirdivant’s and Anderson’s. That is, she pays to host a live weekly radio show. While on-air, Williams spends about half the time discussing industry-related topics that appeal to other agents and the remaining time on consumer-oriented topics geared towards her database of high-end sellers.

This marketing strategy benefits her reputation and increases her market clout, as being known as a local radio show host naturally provides Williams with added credibility and a distinction within the market. Then Williams is able to use radio content to bolster an online presence that feeds into blogs, social media, and podcasts.

And like Stirdivant and Anderson, she seeing results; Williams’ database has grown by four percent since instituting this strategy.

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